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Mrs. Kat Hegg is one professional real estate agent in the Inland Empire. Before I was referred to Mrs. Kat Hegg I had very bad experience with 2 real estate agents. I had such a bad experience that I lost hope of buying our first home. I was referred to Mrs. Kat Hegg by my girl friend who advised me that if Mrs Kat Hegg can't help you no one can. And sure enough with in 2 months we found our home. She help me and explains to me the steps of buyimng a home. She advised us about the ups and the downs. Her professionalism has no comparison with any other realtor that I've dealt with. Mrs Hegg is very easy person to talk to, she makes you feel comfortable right from the start. Mrs Kat is one of many few realtor that actually understood exactly what we were looking for. We have become good friends after this and If we ever need an expert or have any concerns in the real-estate department I know we can call her. To this day we keep in touch with each other. We are very happy with no regreats or concerns in our new home. When we are ready to buy our next home or sell we know who to call Mrs Kat hegg.
Nikki Rodriguez 5/23/2011
Kat listed my Mothers home in August of 2012. My Mother had done a reverse mortgage on it so when she passed it became a Short Sale. No one could of imagined what was to lay ahead strickley due to the servicer. They created a nightmare for all of us. But, Ms. Hegg is so knowledgable and professional as to these situations, we couldn't have asked for more. She is the best.
User6754125 3/14/2013