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What Clients Are Saying
Kat did a wonderful job helping us price our home. She is very knowledgeable of the area and her field. Our house sold in less than a week with multiple offers. Kat was very good at sorting out the offers and choosing the best, most qualified buyer.
pjc1212 5/25/2013
If you could buy a Porsche or a Vespa for the same price, what would you buy? If you needed heart surgery, would you go with a surgeon with years of experience or someone just out of med school? When buying a home, the Realtor earns the same commission regardless of skill or experience. Why would you settle for some flash in the pan realtor who is just doing this on the side? This is why we chose to work with Kat. She has dedicated her life to this field, and has more knowledge and connections than the majority of those out there. When we met Kat, she immediately introduced us to one of her biggest assets Richard Hegg. Together, they are a husband-wife team of a Realtor and a Lending Agent. This alone would be a great reason to work with the two of them. So often there is a distance in communication between the realtor and lending agent and they are looking to benefit their side of any deal. With Kat and Richard, they work together symbiotically to help you succeed. Issues that would take hours or days with a normal realtor-lendor setup, can often be handled in minutes with Kat and Richard. Richard is as experienced in his field as Kat is in hers. If it wasn't for his knowledge and creativity, our escrow would have surely failed. If you work with Kat, I highly recommend you work with Richard as well. If it wasn't for Kat's knowledge, connection, and resources, we would still be stuck in our little 300 sq ft apartment. In today's market, FHA loan buyers are constantly taking a backseat to cash offers by investors and conventional loans. It is near impossible to break through. Kat has the years of experience to give you every edge against the tough competition that other realtors wouldn't be able to. If it wasn't for her network, this dream-home of ours wouldn't have come true. Kat is constantly striving to better herself by constant education through study and seminars. The real estate world is constantly in flux, and you would be hard pressed to find another realtor as up to date as Kat. If you aren't moving forward, you are falling behind, and both Kat and Richard are on the cutting edge. Most importantly, Kat is there for you as clients. She wants to see you in a new home. She will be there with you on this emotional ride. She'll be frustrated when you're frustrated. She'll be excited when you're excited. She'll be sad when you don't have an offer accepted, and she'll be almost as happy as you are when you finally get your new home. She is invested in you as a client, and a person. Our home-buying experience had us traveling some rough waters, but Kat and Richard were there to guide us through them. They protected us from numerous pitfalls and made sure that we got into a wonderful home without being taken advantage of by the seller. Kat and Richard aren't just out to get a commission. They want to see people safely into the American dream of home-ownership. They've dedicated their life to this field. Why would you choose anyone less dedicated?
Yarmuck 10/17/2013