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Kat Hegg
Kat Hegg
Let your search for a real estate professional end here. Please explore the resources within my website, you will find everything you need to buy or sell a home as well as learn about the market value of homes. You can search for homes with detailed descriptions, photos, community and school information and so much more. As a qualified real estate professional, I am ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs. My approach is customized for each client; my solutions are never one-size-fits-all! Please view this website as an introduction of my services and capabilities. Give me a call or send an email when you are ready to visit some homes or to schedule a free home buying or selling consultation. I look forward to working with you!
What Clients Are Saying
Kat has a natural ability to determine a client's needs and desires. She listens to what they say and observe their preferences and is able to determine what is right for the client. After a short time, she knew better than me what I wanted! She was on top of things throughout the entire process - from getting the best rate on the loan to bringing it to fruition. She always has the client's best interest at heart, both in finding the home and protecting them through the negotiation and escrow process.
Lorraine O. 4/22/2011
Mrs. Kat Hegg is one professional real estate agent in the Inland Empire. Before I was referred to Mrs. Kat Hegg I had very bad experience with 2 real estate agents. I had such a bad experience that I lost hope of buying our first home. I was referred to Mrs. Kat Hegg by my girl friend who advised me that if Mrs Kat Hegg can't help you no one can. And sure enough with in 2 months we found our home. She help me and explains to me the steps of buyimng a home. She advised us about the ups and the downs. Her professionalism has no comparison with any other realtor that I've dealt with. Mrs Hegg is very easy person to talk to, she makes you feel comfortable right from the start. Mrs Kat is one of many few realtor that actually understood exactly what we were looking for. We have become good friends after this and If we ever need an expert or have any concerns in the real-estate department I know we can call her. To this day we keep in touch with each other. We are very happy with no regreats or concerns in our new home. When we are ready to buy our next home or sell we know who to call Mrs Kat hegg.
Nikki Rodriguez 5/23/2011
(Español en la parte de abajo) It was a complete joy having Kat as our agent. While there may be many qualified agents out there, her vast experience, professionalism, and caring heart sets her apart. I’ve always been a do-it-yourself type, so I wasn’t all that used to relying on somebody else for pretty much anything. Being a first time home buyer, I needed to do a lot of research in order to find the best of the best… and that’s how I found Kat! Kat empowered us by walking us through each and every step of the home buying process. No matter the question, she would always answer it in a very practical and easy to understand manner. After a long and difficult buying process (due to the seller’s side), my fiancé and I recently closed on our dream home. Kat’s knowledge, hard work, and dedication made the difference that allowed us to be the proud owners of our beautiful house. As an added bonus, we’ve gained a dear friend (Español) Fue un encanto tener a Kat como nuestra agente. Puede haber muchos agentes calificados, pero su experiencia vasta, profesionalismo, y su corazón la distingue. Yo siempre he sido una persona que le gusta hacer todo por su cuenta, y por eso no estaba acostumbrado en depender en otros. Siendo comprador de casa por primera vez, era necesario investigar para encontrar el mejor de los mejores….. y así fue como encontré a Kat! Kat nos habilitó durante cada paso del proceso. No importaba la pregunta, siempre la contestaba de un modo práctico y fácil de entender Después de un proceso largo y duro (Por parte de los vendedores), mi prometida y Yo recientemente acabamos de comprar la casa de nuestros sueños. El conocimiento de Kat, su trabajo, y su dedicación marcaron la diferencia que nos ayudó a ser los dueños de nuestra hermosa casa. Otro beneficio es que ya contamos con una nueva amiga.
Joel 5/15/2012
My husband just happen to walk up to a yet another house in hopes to buy a flip property. And that's when we met Kat. After looking for almost a year; we got the house due to Kat's advice on making a solid offer. We'll be looking for another one soon; she knows her business in this area and we can't wait to work with her again... Thanks Kat
Campdc 8/26/2012
Kat listed my Mothers home in August of 2012. My Mother had done a reverse mortgage on it so when she passed it became a Short Sale. No one could of imagined what was to lay ahead strickley due to the servicer. They created a nightmare for all of us. But, Ms. Hegg is so knowledgable and professional as to these situations, we couldn't have asked for more. She is the best.
User6754125 3/14/2013
As first-time home buyers, we were very skeptic about who we chose to work with during our home buying process. Luckily, we contacted Kat who was very professional and happy to make arrangements to meet with us. After our initial gathering, we knew we had found our agent! Kat not only had the answer to all our questions, but she articulated them in a manner in which we understood and that is exactly what we needed. In addition to all of her knowledge and experience, her affiliations not only enhanced the experience for us, but it simplified and expedited the entire process. Working with the entire Hegg Team: Kat & Richard made our home buying experience so wonderful for our family. Buying a home is serious business, and they made sure we were always one step ahead of the game! Working with this team, you know that you are working with honest and reliable people. They knew exactly what we were looking for, and in a few short months we were finally home owners! To all you first-time home buyers, second timers or even third or fourth timers, working with Kat & Richard has been such a great experience for us, we will definitely be recommending them to all our friends and family.
Carlos & Edith Lopez 6/15/2013
Kat has this welcoming smile that grabs you the minute you meet her. She impressed me with her good nature, excellent listening and communicating skills and she knows real estate. All details on the sale of our house were handled quickly and efficiently and they whole process only took around 30 days. If you are in need of a real professional, I know Kat Hegg will meet your needs and will go above them, as she did with us.
Jeannette Storrs 8/8/2013
Kat did an awesome job helping us sell our home 3 years ago. She helped make the painful process of short sale a lot easier. She did such an amazing job that we used her again! Just last month we bought our dream home and Kat made it happen for us! She did everything she could to make sure that the sellers picked us as the buyer. Kat is very professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
Angela Lolmaugh 10/15/2013
If you could buy a Porsche or a Vespa for the same price, what would you buy? If you needed heart surgery, would you go with a surgeon with years of experience or someone just out of med school? When buying a home, the Realtor earns the same commission regardless of skill or experience. Why would you settle for some flash in the pan realtor who is just doing this on the side? This is why we chose to work with Kat. She has dedicated her life to this field, and has more knowledge and connections than the majority of those out there. When we met Kat, she immediately introduced us to one of her biggest assets Richard Hegg. Together, they are a husband-wife team of a Realtor and a Lending Agent. This alone would be a great reason to work with the two of them. So often there is a distance in communication between the realtor and lending agent and they are looking to benefit their side of any deal. With Kat and Richard, they work together symbiotically to help you succeed. Issues that would take hours or days with a normal realtor-lendor setup, can often be handled in minutes with Kat and Richard. Richard is as experienced in his field as Kat is in hers. If it wasn't for his knowledge and creativity, our escrow would have surely failed. If you work with Kat, I highly recommend you work with Richard as well. If it wasn't for Kat's knowledge, connection, and resources, we would still be stuck in our little 300 sq ft apartment. In today's market, FHA loan buyers are constantly taking a backseat to cash offers by investors and conventional loans. It is near impossible to break through. Kat has the years of experience to give you every edge against the tough competition that other realtors wouldn't be able to. If it wasn't for her network, this dream-home of ours wouldn't have come true. Kat is constantly striving to better herself by constant education through study and seminars. The real estate world is constantly in flux, and you would be hard pressed to find another realtor as up to date as Kat. If you aren't moving forward, you are falling behind, and both Kat and Richard are on the cutting edge. Most importantly, Kat is there for you as clients. She wants to see you in a new home. She will be there with you on this emotional ride. She'll be frustrated when you're frustrated. She'll be excited when you're excited. She'll be sad when you don't have an offer accepted, and she'll be almost as happy as you are when you finally get your new home. She is invested in you as a client, and a person. Our home-buying experience had us traveling some rough waters, but Kat and Richard were there to guide us through them. They protected us from numerous pitfalls and made sure that we got into a wonderful home without being taken advantage of by the seller. Kat and Richard aren't just out to get a commission. They want to see people safely into the American dream of home-ownership. They've dedicated their life to this field. Why would you choose anyone less dedicated?
Yarmuck 10/17/2013
Kat was amazing from day one. I never felt pressured to buy a home that I wasn't comfortable with. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for. It took us time to find the right home and this wasn't due to Kat it was due to me being so picky. Kat never showed any frustration and always reminded me that finding the right home was priority regardless of how long it took. Finally after a long search I found the house I fell in love with and Kat did everything in her power to get it for me. She treated me like family and made my happiness her priority. It was a great honor to work with Kat. I couldn't have found anyone better to live this experience with. Truly amazing to work with and I would not think twice in picking her if I had to do it all over again.
Spinedo 11/12/2013
Kat Hegg is not one of the best but is the best realtor I've ever had experiance with. She help me all along the way and explains to me the steps and legalities of buyimng a home. Kat was with me for just over a year, looking at many homes and values in the inland empire area. Her proffesionalism is unmatched by any other realtor that I've known and dealt with. Kat is a very comfortable person to deal with and she has a positive outlook on life, and her daily dealings with customers. She always kept up and informed me of the home market financial climate during the time we were looking for my home. I think Kat was the only realtor expert tha actually understood what I was looking for. she was working with me for just over a year, always positive and informative. I've dealt with many realtors in my life, as the purchase of my home with Kat was the fourth home I've purchased throughout my life and Kat was far and above anyone I've ever experienced and one of those realtor was my best friend. Kat and I remain very good friends after all this andIf I ever need an expert and friend for any realistate concerns, I know who to call. To this day we keep in touch with each other. I'm blessed to have a Kat as a good friend.
Bob Herbert 4/28/2011
In a market that is very challenging Kat kept on top of things. Selling our home within 1 week above asking price. Finding us the best home that had everything on our wish list. When we had lost hope she continued to find better homes that finally lead to the best home of them all. Our new home. Thank you Kat for all your hard work in working with our loan officer. Your professionalism showed throughout the whole time we worked with you.
Mrs. Rojas 9/1/2011
(Version disponible en Español en la parte de abajo) We are blessed to have had Kat Hegg as our agent and still having her as an advisor. We immediately knew that Kat Hegg was our ideal agent during our first meeting soon after much research through Zillow and home buying websites. As first-time buyers, we were impressed by her professionalism, honesty, knowledge and experience. Kat was present every step of our home buying process and asked valuable questions on our behalf. It took us over a year to find and fight for our dream home, but we finally did it! If it wasn’t for Kat’s professionalism and fighting spirit, we wouldn’t have won the war against the Seller’s unprofessional broker. Kat always acted on for our well-being and if she noticed anything shady, she delayed the process to protect us as she assessed the situation. Even though it took us over a year to find out dream home, Kat’s patience and advise never weakened. Thank you Kat and Hegg Team for your continued support! We are blessed with the friendship you provide to our family. (Español) Fuimos bendecidos al tener a Kat Hegg como nuestra agente de bienes raices y aun tenerla como asesora. Despues de tanta investigacíon en Zillow y por otros recursos para primeros compradores, supimos que Kat Hegg era la agente que necesitamos para nuestro equipo. Nos impresiono su profesionalismo, sinceridad,conocimiento, y experiencia que nos brindo al conocerla. Kat estuvo con nosotros en cada paso en la busqueda y proceso de nuestra casa ideal. Siempre nos acompaño y asesoro en cada paso que tomabamos. Siempre acto a nuestro favor y pregunto las preguntas necesarios para nuestra situacíon. Si miraba algo turbio, dilataba el proceso para protejernos e invistagaba la situacion antes de continuar. Sin su espiritu luchador y profesionalismo, no hubieramos ganado la batalla contra el agente del vendedor que actuo muy poco profesional durante todo el proceso. Aunque nos tomo casi un año para obtener nuestro hogar, la paciencia y asesoria de Kat nunca debilito. ?Muchas gracias Kat y al equipo Hegg por su apoyo incondicional! Somos bendecidos con la amistad que brindas a nuestra familia.
User5834536 6/12/2012
My husband and I just closed on our first home. It was all made possible by our agent Kat Hegg. We were blessed to have found her who walked us from beginning to end with her knowledge and professionalism. We would highly recommend her to anyone... Thank you , Kat
Esther Cisneros 8/28/2012
Kat did a wonderful job helping us price our home. She is very knowledgeable of the area and her field. Our house sold in less than a week with multiple offers. Kat was very good at sorting out the offers and choosing the best, most qualified buyer.
pjc1212 5/25/2013
When it became necessary to sell my late mothers home (the home I grew up in). My husband and I found Kat on Zillow. What a blessing, she understood my feelings for the house and found us the perfect buyer. She is very professional and seemed that she concentrated on us exclusively yet we know she had others that she was dealing with at the time. The house sold and closed within 7 weeks and went seamlessly. Kat will not only be our only realtor from here on, but out friend as well. Thanks Kat.
Christine and John 6/23/2013
Kat was professional throughout the process of listing and selling our home. Have relocated to Fredericksburg, VA and really wish I could find an agent here with the expertise that she has. Will keep Kat as my sister-in-law even though I'm not keeping the husband :)
User2121549 8/19/2013
Although I had no idea who Kat was when I was looking for an agent, I couldn't have been more pleased. Kat was exceptionally professional, and worked effortlessly to provide me and my husband the very best of her knowledge and skills. Not only did she help us to find a great house but she treated us as if we were family, staying close in contact every step of the way. (Her husband Richard Hegg was our mortgage lender which was just an added bonus) If you're looking for a Real Estate Professional, Kat Hegg is the one to call.
mflorescehs 10/16/2013
Kat worked around our schedule when searching for houses. She was patient and always greeted us with a smile. She made our house search plesant and outlined our options t assure we viewed houses that were within our limit. She made it her mission to seach for houses based on our criteria. when it came down to closing escrow, her husband went above and beyond in assisting us in getting our paperwork through to meet the deadline. We are truly grateful for all Kat and Richard did for us in getting us in our new home!!!!
Andiehr 10/17/2013
I was in the market to sell my home of 19 years, but did not know where to start. I read the reviews Kat received from other clients and was immediately impressed. I contacted her via email and found that she was out of the country for a few weeks. I was contacted by one of her co-workers, Rhonda Lawson, who immediately determined my needs and assisted me with getting my house on the market. Kat's assistant, the kind-hearted Ms. Collette Ford, made herself available for every private showing. Immediately upon her return from vacation, Kat met with me to get to know me, review all my offers, and to pick the best one. She was amazing during the entire process. In fact, with the help of her staff, my house received six offers, all over asking price within five days! The Hegg Team made this experience easier for me. I trust the Hegg Team to assist me with the search for my "forever" home. I highly recommend the Hegg Team. Many thanks to you Rhonda, Collette, and Kat for your time and hardwork.
April Tardy 11/17/2013